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Colibri Boot Time on WinCE

The Boot time includes time taken by Bootloader, drivers, OS image, Flash file system and a lot of other components to load. Please contact the support if you need a customized fast boot image.

Boot Time Optimizations

Win CE Image Optimization

Use latest image

We improve our Win CE Image with every release. Make sure that you are using the latest release. Also, we provide a Fast boot image which boots the Colibri T20 in less than 0.5 seconds. You can download this demo image and other latest released images from here.

Following table specifies the approximate boot time measured for our latest WinCE released images for the different modules.

ModulesWinCE BSP VersionWCE5WCE6WEC7WEC2013
Colibri PXA270V4.56.2s9.5s--
Colibri PXA300V4.514.2s18.0s--
Colibri PXA300XTV4.512.2s15.8s--
Colibri PXA310V4.58.8s8.8s--
Colibri PXA320V4.59.9s12.8s--
Colibri VF50V1.3Beta1-6.6s14.8s10.3s
Colibri VF61V1.3Beta1-6.1s13.1s9.0s
Colibri T20V1.4-4.7s5.5s-
Colibri T30V1.4--7.9s6.4s
Apalis T30V1.4--8.3s8.2s
Colibri iMX6SV1.0Beta5--14.5s13.3s
Colibri iMX6DLV1.0Beta5--14.5s13.4s
Apalis iMX6DV1.0Beta5--15.4s14.5s
Apalis iMX6QV1.0Beta5--15.5s14.6s

Note: This table just shows the boot time of our standard images which are not optimized for boot speed. The boot time may vary if a lot of data is stored to the FlashDisk.

Use FastLoad feature

Colibri PXA3xx only
You can use a special FastLoad feature.

Reduce Flash Disk Space

Colibri PXA3xx only

The flash driver needs the most time in the boot process. It needs more time if a lot of the flash disk space is used. To have a fast start up, make sure that the flash disk is formatted .

You can also reduce the size of the Flash file system. This reduces the worst case time to load the flash drive. In worst case (The 1GB FlashDisk is full) the system needs about 22 seconds to load the flash driver. (Image V3.2 and newer)

In case you don't need the Flash file system on the startup, you can disable it in the registry and load it later manually. See "ActivateDevice" in the Win CE help.

Disable unused drivers

Disable drivers which you don't need.

Disable the Bootloader output

Disable the Bootloader output.

Make also sure that the debug messages are disabled.

Disable the Splash Screen

You can disable the Splash Screen, this saves you a little time. But maybe the time "feels" shorter if you can see the splash screen.

Use the Suspend mode

In case you need very fast boot times (<1s). You can set the Colibri in the Suspend mode, which is a low power mode.

Reduce the Size of the Win CE image

This steps require that you (or Toradex) build your own Win CE image.

You can remove all components you do not require form the image. Additionally you can remove components you do not need at boot time from the image and place it in on the FlashDisk.

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