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RGB Cloud Demo - Cloud Demo

RGB Cloud Demo


RGB Cloud Demo again showcases the use of cloud service for making remote monitoring possible. Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is used for the demo. Red, Green and Blue values are generated by software (sine/square/saw-tooth/linear based on switch selection on the application) and then send to the SQS queues. The values are retrieved from the queue by a web page and displayed. A button is also provided to send alert to all subscribers (to subscribe please use the option available on webpage). Using webpage you can also send a message to the device using SQS, which will be displayed in the list box on the application running on the device.

Real world example application can be anything to do with remote monitoring and control.


  • Colibri Module (any Colibri Module can be used)
  • Iris Baseboard
  • Operating system: WinCE
  • Cloud Library used: Cloud SNS/SQS
  • Application developed in C#
  • Webpage

Project source code

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