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Version: Toradex Easy Installer version 6

Toradex Easy Installer Overview


This article aims to give a quick overview about the Toradex Easy Installer tool.

What is the Toradex Easy Installer?

Toradex Easy Installer (Tezi) is a Linux-based standard tool provided by Toradex. It is provided pre-installed in all newer Toradex System on Modules and contains several features and is the recommended way to flash your image. Toradex Easy Installer (or Tezi) aims to:

  • Allow users to install a selection of Operating System images into the internal flash memory of Toradex modules in an extremely simple way.
  • Allow for fully automated volume production as it allows for no-touch installation of custom images.
  • Offer configuration options for advanced users such as pre-install and post-install script execution and customized partitioning schemes.

The Toradex Easy Installer application runs completely in memory so that the complete internal flash can be erased, (re-)partitioned, formatted, or written to. The image to be flashed can be obtained over the Internet (via Ethernet), from a USB Flash Drive or an SD card.


Please note that not every module is compatible with the Toradex Easy Installer. A list of compatible modules can be found on Toradex Easy Installer - Load Toradex Easy Installer.

Toradex Easy Installer Overview

In this section, you will be redirected for another sources of information through all the Toradex Developer website that will help you understand and use the tool.

If you are looking for in-depth information on Toradex Easy Installer, refer to Detailed Manual article, as you will find useful information in order to configure your image for automatic installation, and you will also find detailed instructions for creating your local image server for Easy Installer.

Generating Tezi Compatible Image

To flash an image via Toradex Easy Installer, it is necessary to generate a Tezi-compatible image. The links below offer some guidance on how to generate, customize and build an image using Yocto Project and TorizonCore Builder tool.

Regarding the usage of Yocto Project to build an image, you can read the following articles:

Regarding the usage of TorizonCore Builder tool, you can go to the following articles to discover how to customize a TorizonCore reference image.

Also, if you don't want to use either TorizonCore Builder or Yocto, you can build from source code using the workflow described in the Build U-Boot and Linux Kernel from Source Code article.

Flashing a New OS Image

As mentioned, Tezi comes pre-installed in the Toradex System on Modules and its main goal is to allow for easy installation of OS images into the flash memory. With Tezi, it's possible to either load one of Toradex's available pre-built images or use your own build. If you are looking for information on how to flash your OS image using Tezi, refer to Flash a New Image Using Toradex Easy Installer.

Download and Install Toradex Easy Installer Image

If you have already flashed an OS into your Computer-on-Module, you can follow the steps to reload Tezi into the RAM of the module, so you can flash it with the desired image.

  1. Download a new Toradex Easy Installer image.
  2. Enter in Recovery Mode. Refer to the article that is suitable for the specific module you are using.
  3. Then Load the Toradex Easy Installer to the internal flash.

After these steps, you will be back at the main graphical user interface and be able to easily install an OS image.

Production Programming

You can use Toradex Easy Installer to install your production Linux-based software. For this, execute the following steps:

  1. Generate a Tezi Compatible Image: To flash an image via Toradex Easy Installer, it is necessary to generate a Tezi-compatible image. For this, you can use Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded or TorizonCore Builder Tool.
  2. Prepare and enable your Tezi for Production Programming: Refer to the instructions in the Production Programming for Linux article.

Toradex Easy Installer Custom Boot and Scripts

On all modules, the Toradex Easy Installer will boot from on-module flash, either via custom scripts (for raw NAND based devices) or using distroboot scripts on the first internal partition (for modules using eMMC). In some cases, special boot parameters need to be passed to Toradex Easy Installer.

  1. If you want in-depth information of the process of customizing the boot process, refer to Toradex Easy Installer Custom Boot.
  2. If you are looking for a use case example, refer to Toradex Easy Installer Custom Boot Scripts.

Toradex Easy Installer Customization

Each Easy Installer compatible image is described in a JSON image file. Toradex provides images with a proper JSON image file. Yet, depending on the use case you might need to alter the JSON image file e.g. to add an additional partition. The easiest way is to take an existing image.json file and alter it accordingly.

Supported Modules

See the Toradex Easy Installer releases.

Next Steps

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