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Media Player (Colibri)

Player.exe (Tegra only)

Player.exe (MediaPlayer) is included in our standard Win CE image for our Colibri T20-T30 modules.

The Player is based on the Microsoft Sample DirectShow Player PlayerWnd which comes with the Platformbuilder.

Commandline Parameters

player.exe [/f][/l0] videofilename 

videofilename Full path to the video file

/f plays the video in full screen mode
/l0 plays the video once, then exits
(the character after the slash / is small-L, not the number one)

Integrate Videos In Your Own Program

DirectShow provides a nice interface to embedded videos directly in your own programs. You can use the source of the playerWnd in the Platform builder as starting point.

Also take a look at the following link:

Supported Formats

The supported formats are depending on the installed DirectShow Filter. For a general overview about the video decode performance have a look at the Colibri T20 Datasheet.

Windows Media Player

The Windwos Media Player is not included in the Windows CE core license. It is included in the Win CE Professional license.

Video playback from user applications

We provide some samples here:
Video Playback (WinCE)
Those work with all recent Windows-CE platforms, even if framerate may be reduced on device that have no hardware accelerated video playback.

Alternative Media Players

Have a look at our download section. We have an optimized freeware player called TCPMP (DivX Decoding on Colibri 312MHz 600 x 480 25 frames).

Download Section

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