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Windows CE Library - CANLib-SJA1000


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This library interfaces to the SJA1000 Stand-Alone CAN Controller.

Current Version


Application Notes

CANLib-SJA1000 interfaces to a SJA1000 Stand-Alone CAN controller via a parallel bus interface.

The SJA1000 is located on the carrier board hosting the module running the library.

The Colibri Evaluation Board V2.1 contains an instance of this chip.

The library supports one instance of the interface on TXX modules and up to eight instances on PXAxxx modules.

Library API

The library API can be viewed here.

Other Resources

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Data Sheet

Revision History

Date Rev Change Notes
23/09/2013 V3.3.2 Change default SDK to Colibri600
12/08/2013 V3.3.1 Added support for T30
17/06/2013 V3.3.0 Added CANReInitialise() to DLL Definition File