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Wi-Fi accessories recommended for Toradex products



Article updated at 17 Oct 2019
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General Information

The Azurewave AW-CM276NF Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Combo Module is used on a number of Toradex SoMs. The AW-CM276NF implements the Marvell 88W8997 Reference Design, therefore the certificates of the 88W8997 apply to the AW-CM276NF as well. The processes of certifying radio equipment varies from one region to the other. This article concentrates on the certification of the AW-CM276NF to be used in combination with the antennas listed below in the following regions: USA, Canada, European Economic Area (EEA) with Switzerland, India as well as Japan. With regards to end-devices, these certifications are to be understood as pre-certifications. Depending on the country in question, end-devices might still need to undergo final testing and certification of the overall product.

Pre-certification is:

Pre-certification measurements are carried out by an accredited laboratory. Pre-certification of the AW-CM276NF with selected Wi-Fi accessories allows customers to use combinations of those devices in a compliant way and provides additional trust that the pre-certified device combinations will not impede final certification of the respective end-devices.

Pre-certification is not:

Pre-certification is not related to the Wi-Fi Alliance and the “WiFi CERTIFIED” logo found on the packaging of many Wi-Fi capable products.

List of Toradex SoMs using the AW-CM276NF

List of certification status for accessories to be used with the AW-CM276NF

Dipole Antennas (Rubber Ducky)

Antenna Cable length USA (FCC) Canada (IC) EEA (CE) India (WPC) Japan (TELEC) Where to buy
Chang Hong DA-2458-02-SMR - Toradex Webshop
LSR 001-0012 - Mouser / Digikey
Taoglas GW.59.3153 - Mouser / Digikey
Laird MAF94051 - Mouser / Digikey

Dipole Antenna Cables
The following cables are used in the pre-certification with the above mentioned dipole antennas.

Antenna cable Cable length Where to buy
Antenna Cable MHF4 to RP-SMA 100mm Toradex Webshop
Antenna Cable MHF4 to RP-SMA 200mm Toradex Webshop
Antenna Cable MHF4 to RP-SMA Outdoor (IP67) 200mm Toradex Webshop

PCB Antennas

Antenna Cable length USA (FCC) Canada (IC) EEA (CE) India (WPC) Japan (TELEC) Where to buy
Unictron H2B1PD1A1C385L 100mm Toradex Webshop
Unictron H2B1PC1A1C175L 100mm Unictron
Molex 146153-1100 100mm Mouser / Digikey
Molex 204281-1100 100mm Mouser / Digikey

Regional regulatory bodies and identifiers

  • USA (FCC) - FCC Identifier: UAY-W8997-M1216
  • EEA (CE): No public identifier (self-declaration)
  • Canada (IC) - Hardware Version Identification Number: W8997-M1216
  • Japan (TELEC) - Certified number: 020-170034
  • India (WPC) - Registration number: ETA-SD-20191005525