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Article updated at 25 Jul 2019
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It is easily possible to add Bluetooth connectivity to our Apalis or Colibri Modules.

The list of recommended suppliers and products is not complete. However, it provides an overview of devices and can help you to search for products that meet your requirements.

Bluetooth support is not included in the Toradex standard WINCE/WEC images, but if you are familiar with the Windows CE Platform Builder, you can add Bluetooth support. For USB Bluetooth devices using HCI transport layer, we provide USB Bluetooth Flash installers to add Bluetooth support to a standard Toradex Windows CE BSP.

Our Standard Embedded Linux Images support Bluetooth HCI-USB, HCI-UART.

Recommended Bluetooth Adapters

We are currently testing several products to find suitable solutions for our customers. There will be a list of tested and recommended Bluetooth adapters in the future.

Bluetooth Adapter Suppliers

There are several suppliers of Bluetooth adapters with different interfaces. The following list gives an overview of possible options. Where we have mentioned "tested", it means that either Toradex or some of our customers have tested it.

Manufacturer - product part number Chipset Interface WinCE Driver Linux Driver EN 300 328 Tested Temperature Range (Deg C)
DeLOCK USB Bluetooth Adapter Broadcom USB[1] Yes Yes - No -10 to 60
Sitecom CN-524 CSR USB[1] Yes Yes - No -
WiBear11n-DF1 Marvell 88W8787 SDIO[2](SMT Module) Yes Yes Yes Yes -40 to +85
Bluegiga Cambridge Silicon Radio, Silicon labs UART, USB[1] Yes Yes - No -40 to 85
Ambicom BT2000-CF BT2000-CF CompactFlash Card Type I Interface Yes Yes - No 0 to 70
Wi2Wi WM828CC6 Marvell 88W8887 SDIO (SMT Module) No Yes No Yes -30 to 85
Bluetooth Dual Mode Class 2 USB Adapter LM506 Broadcom USB Yes Yes (V2.2.20) Yes -30 to +85
WiFi and Dual Mode Bluetooth LM817 Realtek USB No Yes Yes (V1.9.1) Yes 0 to 50
WiFi and Bluetooth Dual Mode USB Module LM811 Realtek USB No Yes Yes (V2.1.1) Yes -20 to 80
Silex SX-SDMAC-2830S Qualcomm QCA-9377 SMT Module (60 pins) Yes Yes - Yes -40 to 85
Silex SX-SDMAC-2831S Qualcomm QCA-9377 SMT Module (60 pins) Yes Yes - Yes -40 to 85
Silex SX-SDMAC-2831C Qualcomm QCA-9377 B2B (40 pins) Yes Yes - Yes -40 to 85


  • [1] Most of the USB Bluetooth dongles work with the MS WinCE USB Bluetooth Stack and Linux. It is important to know that the external USB Bluetooth devices should have an HCI-Layer, nothing more. It may be possible to deactivate higher level firmware in the adapter (like in the WT12 module from Bluegiga).
  • [2] Ensure that BT/WLAN muti-functions driver registry key is set to 1 to make WLAN/BT to work. If it is set to 0, then only the WLAN will work.