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Article updated at 04 Nov 2020
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Toradex and acontis technologies have a close partnership. This partnership is celebrated in the Partner Demo Image - EC-Master, now available for download in the Toradex Easy Installer image format.

What is acontis technologies

acontis technologies is a leading provider for EtherCAT Technology, Windows real-time software, and Real-Time Virtualization/Hypervisor Technology. The company is known for its high-quality products "Made in Germany". Their portfolio is completed by providing complementary Training, Support, and Software Services.

The range of their professional development services covers:

  • EtherCAT master software integration and slave software services
  • Industrial communication: CAN, Real-time Ethernet (e.g. EtherCAT)
  • Board Support Packages: Windows CE, VxWorks
  • Device Driver, firmware (Windows XP/CE, VxWorks)
  • Applications (C, C++, C#, .NET Framework, Algorithms, HMI)

Next Steps

We recommend the Partner Demo Image - EC-Master. Please refer to the article and learn how to start with it.

Available pre-built images:

Supported CoM Image Format
Apalis iMX8 Toradex Easy Installer

Compatible Modules for EtherCAT Master from acontis

The following Computer on Modules are supported for the acontis EtherCAT Master:

Note: Please contact acontis for more information.


We have an upcoming webinar about acontis and Toradex SoMs, please refer to the EtherCAT Master Software - from Setup to Application Implementation in no time! to learn more.

Note: Please note that the webinar will be available on-demand later.