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Persistent Journald Logging


Article updated at 09 Sep 2020
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Journald is a system service for collecting and storing log data, introduced with systemd. It tries to make it easier for system administrators to find interesting and relevant information among an ever-increasing amount of log messages.

To avoid excessive wear of the limited flash memory on Toradex modules, the journald data is stored in RAM by default. To debug certain aspects such as unexpected reboots, it is handy to activate persistent journald logging, so the log messages of previous boot cycles can be reviewed.

Attention: Please, use this function with caution, as it can decrease the lifespan of your eMMC/NAND due to flash usage for logging.

For more details about each possible parameter to be set for Journald, please consult the Journald Documentation.

Steps to Activate Persistent Logging

  1. Edit the file /etc/systemd/journald.conf
    Modify the line


  1. Edit the file /etc/tmpfiles.d/00-create-volatile.conf
    delete the following line
d               /var/volatile/log               1777    -       -
  1. Delete the symbolic link to the log folder
# rm /var/log

That's it!

Testing the persistent logging

  1. Reboot the module twice
# reboot
  1. List all boot cycles, and display the detailed messages of the previous (not the current) boot cycle
# journalctl --list-boots
# journalctl -b -1