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Windows CE Library - I2C Library - (I2CLib)


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This library manages communications via the I2C interfaces.

Current Version


Application Notes

This library supports 100KBPS and 400KBPS.

This library uses a mutex called 'I2C' to control against simultaneous access.

Currently, this library supports only one I2C instance at a time.

Revision History

Date Rev Change Notes
29/06/2015 V4.4 Add support for non-DWORD-aligned receive buffer (Tegra only)
Prevent possible application hang (add timeout) when i2c signals were floating low.
30/10/2014 V4.3 Add support for all i2c channels on T20 and T30.
09/07/2014 V4.2 Fix i2c protocol in I2CBurstRead() for T20 and T30:
Do not send STOP condition after transmitting the offset value.
15/04/2014 V4.1.1 Internally mask slave address for the range 0..127
11/03/2014 V4.1 Fixed missing deinit of a variable for the T20/T30 modules in the I2CDeInit() function
Added more error checks

Library API


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