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Verdin iMX8M Plus Power Consumption


Article updated at 29 Mar 2022
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This is one of a series of posts about Toradex modules' power consumption measurements. This article provides information about the power consumption of Verdin iMX8M Plus.

The Verdin iMX8M Plus's power consumption depends on the devices connected to it. Below are the power consumption results of several test cases, demonstrating realistic system configurations at various CPU loads.


Toradex tests its modules following internal protocols as a way of standardizing the results. The overall power consumption of each module depends on multiple factors, such as:

  • Environmental temperature
  • Particular Silicon Revision of the SoC
  • Versions of the Software Components installed on the module
  • Use cases

The following results were achieved by simulating an ideal scenario. Applications in different conditions may not achieve the exact same results. It is suggested that a customer measures its SoM's power consumption under its own particular use cases before designing hardware based on this data.

Testing Conditions

  • The tests were performed using 3 different modules of each model.
  • The provided data is the average of the results obtained for each module group.
  • All of the SoMs were heated up first (using a stress test) to simulate the conditions of a continuous use scenario.

0058 Verdin iMX8M Plus Quad 4GB WB IT V1.0B

Software Image: Reference Multimedia Image for Yocto Project 5.2.0-devel-20210208+build.213


Test Case Mean Power Consumption [W] Max Power Consumption [W]
RTC clock (shutdown) 0.000841 0.000851
RTC clock (power interrupt) 0.000843 0.000854
Suspend mode to RAM 0.15 N.A.
Suspend mode to idle 1.26 N.A.
Idling mode without Ethernet (cable unplugged, no screen) 1.65 1.98
Idling mode without Ethernet (cable unplugged, with screen) 1.87 2.18
Idling mode with screen 2.47 2.79
Stress 1 cores 2.86 3.22
Stress 2 cores 3.13 3.64
Stress 3 cores 3.42 3.96
Stress 4 cores 3.76 4.23
All cores stressed without screen 3.11 3.61
CPU NEON stress script 4.59 4.78
CPU stress + video decoding 3.21 3.64
iperf3 ETH PHY on eval board (no screen) 1.88 2.23
iperf3 eth (no screen) 2.63 3.07
CPU stress with iperf3 eth 3.89 4.16
glmark2 3.69 4.43
All cores stressed and glmark2 4.51 5.41
All cores stressed, glmark2, ethernet iperf3 4.36 5.11
Max stress: all cores stressed, glmark2b,iperf3 wifi 2.4GHz, and Ethernet 4.99 6.10

0061 Verdin iMX8M Plus Quad 2GB V1.0B

Software Image: Reference Multimedia Image for Yocto Project 5.2.0-devel-20210208+build.213


Test Case Mean Power Consumption [W] Max Power Consumption [W]
Idling with screen 1.671 1.822
Idling mode with screen after 20 min 1.638 1.805
Max stress: all cores stressed, glmark2, ethernet iperf3, video decoding 5.054 5.756
Stress 1 cores 2.073 2.340
Stress 2 cores 2.474 2.942
Stress 3 cores 2.792 3.410
Stress 4 cores 3.144 3.879
All cores stressed and glmark2 4.886 5.672
Cpuburn neo 4.602 4.987
Full CPU stress with iperf3 eth 3.964 4.549
Full CPU stress and HD video decoding 4.048 4.751
Headless idle 1.437 1.605
Headless idle full CPU stress 3.227 3.996
Suspend-to-RAM mode 0.100 0.268
Suspend-to-idle mode 1.153 1.271

Power Measurement of Verdin SoMs

The Verdin Development Board and the Dahlia Carrier Board have a current, voltage and power measurement IC. It is the Texas Instruments INA219.

You need to enable it in the device tree. Check out the articles Device Tree Customization and Device Tree Overlays (Linux) for instructions on how to do it. Below is the device tree code snippet with the required changes:

&hwmon {
        status = "okay";

Then the device will be available on /sys/class/hwmon/hwmonX/. X can be enumerated as 0 or 1, because there is also a temperature sensor attached on the same I2C bus.

If we assume it will be on hwmon0, read the power measurement in microwatts (µW):

# cat /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0/power1_input

Therefore you must divide the result by 1000000 to get the value in watts (W).

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