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Torizon is a new Linux-based software platform that simplifies the process of developing and maintaining embedded software. It allows you to configure the system for your use case quickly and easily, so you can focus on application development instead of Linux builds.


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Partner Demo Containers

To leverage the flexibility of the Torizon platform, Toradex partners with software companies from different industry segments and technologies to offer you Partner Demo Containers. Those containers are ready-to-run demonstrations with out-of-the-box compatibility to both Toradex hardware and the Torizon platform.

           Partner Demo Container Brief Description
Codesys Codesys Codesys PLC Runtime CODESYS programmable logic controller (PLC) demo runtime on a Torizon container and how to use it
Crank Crank Software Crank Storyboard Crank Storyboard allows you to build embedded systems optimized, rich GUI on a cross-platform IDE
TotalCross TotalCross TotalCross SDK TotalCross is an easy-to-use Open Source SDK aiming the fast designing of beautiful Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for multiple platforms

Torizon Debian Containers

Graphic container images with Wayland Weston containing necessary configuration and packages.

Image Name Description
debian-base Base image to start a simple Container.
debian-wayland-base Containing Wayland libraries without a compositor
debian-wayland-base-vivante Contains binary drivers for Vivante GPUs (i.MX 8 modules)
debian-weston Containing Wayland libraries and Weston compositor
debian-weston-vivante Contains binary drivers for Vivante GPUs (i.MX 8 modules)
debian-qt5-wayland Containing Wayland libraries and Qt5 compositor
debian-qt5-wayland-vivante Contains binary drivers for Vivante GPUs (i.MX 8 modules)
debian-kiosk-mode-browser Containing chromium package to run web-GUI or show website on a screen

Development Containers

Development containers to assist the development.

Image Name Description
console base images Extended image with console packages to explore containers during development (contains unnecessary packages for final images)
debian-shell Shell utilities for the Torizon platform
debian-dev-tools: Developer tools
cnab-app-base Used for TorizonCore Docker App support
ostree-easy-installer-builder Container to add some custom content to a torizon-core image
ostree-push-to-garage This tool generates, signs and publishes an update to work with Here! or ATS Garage.

SDK Containers

Toradex provides SDK containers to work with IDEs:


Torizon fully supports the following modules, which use eMMC as flash storage:

How to Start

Follow our Step-by-step Getting Started Guide for fully supported modules as an overview step to get you set up in no time.

After you have completed it you can have a complete and updated overview of TorizonCore on the TorizonCore Overview article. You can also check the other tabs from this article, there you can find a list of Torizon features as well as a list of related articles.


TorizonCore is installed via the Toradex Easy Installer that comes pre-installed in Toradex SoMs from the factory. Install the TorizonCore image with Docker runtime:

  • Install TorizonCore image with Docker runtime

    Install TorizonCore image with Docker runtime

Access to Command-line

Upon booting one can login on the serial console (debug UART) or from the network via SSH using the following user and password:

  • User: torizon
  • Password: torizon

On the first login, you are prompted to change the default password. You can then execute commands as root with sudo <command> or gain root access from within the Linux shell with sudo su.

Additional Resources

Check out ongoing projects on Toradex Labs: