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Cellular Modem on Toradex Computer on Modules


Cellular Modules, also known as modems, can be used with Toradex SoMs to achieve machine to machine connectivity.

Embedded Linux

ModemManager can be used to configure and control cellular modems. Learn how to use it on Modem Support.

Torizon OS

ModemManager is available on Torizon OS out-of-the-box. Learn how to use it on Modem Support.

BSP Layers and Reference Images for Yocto Project

You have to integrate ModemManager to your custom Yocto distribution. At the moment, no specific instructions are provided.

After you have it integrated, learn how to use it on Modem Support.

Cellular Modules Database

Browse the Peripheral Database for devices that have been successfully tested at least once on Toradex Computer on Modules.

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