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CSI Camera Module 5MP OV5640


CSI Camera Module

  • Compatible with Apalis modules

Get started with your computer vision enabled project with this simple to integrated camera module which works directly with our Ixora Carrier Board.
The CSI Camera Module 5MP OV5640 is an add-on board for the Apalis computer-on-module which uses MIPI-CSI Interface. It enables to prototype machine vision applications and to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of Toradex modules to run deep neural networks, GPU accelerated OpenCV and other high-performance graphics applications. It uses the OmniVision OV5640 camera sensor with built-in auto-focus. The OV5640 image sensor is a low voltage, high-performance, 1/4-inch 5 megapixel CMOS image sensor that provides the full functionality of a single chip 5 megapixel (2592x1944) camera. The CSI Camera Module 5MP OV5640 can be connected to the MIPI-CSI connector on the Ixora carrier board V1.1 using a 24 way 0.5mm pitch FFC cable.

Recommendation for a first-time order

The CSI Camera Module can be ordered with any Apalis module and is compatible with the Ixora Carrier Board V1.1A (and Apalis Evaluation Board via FFC receptacle available on future versions of Apalis mezzanine boards).
All the products can be ordered online at Toradex Webshop

First Steps

Please read the following articles before using this product.

Having trouble?

Please contact our technical support. Various option of technical support are mentioned in the article below.

Main Features

  • MIPI-CSI, Auto-focus OV5640 camera sensor module
  • Connects directly to the MIPI-CSI FFC connector on the Apalis carrier boards
  • No external power supply required

[1] Ixora Carrier Board V1.1 and higher
Note: The respective Apalis Mezzanine Boards will support the CSI Camera Module 5MP OV5640 as well in their next revision to make it compatible with the Apalis Evaluation Board.

Product # Product Description Changes from Previous Version Release Date PCN Document


CSI Camera Module 5MP OV5640 V1.1A

Initial Release


PCN CSI Camera Module 5MP OV5640 V1.1A


CSI Camera Module 5MP OV5640 V1.1B

− Oscillator OSC1 is now assembled and IC4 removed.