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Enclosures for Toradex Boards


Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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The aim of this article is to list all the enclosures we have designed or are available from a third-party. The design data of these enclosures is available free of cost which can be downloaded and reused.

Enclosure for Viola carrier board

- Download Viola enclosure CAD design step files.

Enclosure for Iris carrier board

- Download Iris enclosure CAD design step files.

Enclosure for Ixora carrier board

  • Will be published soon

HMI Reference Design

We have created HMI reference design using our Viola carrier board with 7" / 4.3" LCDs. The design data of the HMI enclosure is also available free of cost.

7" HMI Demo Enclosure

4.3" HMI Demo Enclosure

Please go through HMI reference design article for more details, and to download the CAD design step files.

Third-party enclosures

Viola Enclosure

Iris Enclosure

Ixora Enclosure