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MAC Address


A MAC address is used to identify computers on the network. On SoMs, the MAC address is stored in the flash memory. This article explains how to obtain the MAC address of SoMs by only using their serial numbers, even when the module has two Ethernet ports.

If you want to get and customize MAC addresses of a SoM running Linux, check the Network on Toradex SoMs guide.

Serial Number and MAC Address Relationship

For SoMs, serial numbers are unique and also contain MAC address information. The MAC address has the first 3 bytes fixed (Toradex OUI range):

  • 00:14:2D:XX:XX:XX for serial numbers lower than 16777216.
  • 8C:06:CB:XX:XX:XX for serial numbers ranging from 16777216 to 33554431.

The three least significant bytes represent the serial number in hexadecimal. For instance, for the serial number 02226142, the corresponding MAC address would be 00:14:2D:21:F7:DE.

Second Ethernet Port

Some SoMs feature two Ethernet ports. To obtain the second MAC address, add 0x100000 to the serial number.

00:14:2D:21:F7:DE 00:14:2D:(21+10):F7:DE 00:14:2D:31:F7:DE

MAC Address Calculator

To compute your SoM's MAC address, enter its serial number below:

First MAC Address


Second MAC Address


(if available)

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