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Check and Repair "Forced Read Only Mode" on Macronix eMMC (errata) - Windows CE


This document provides instructions on how to check whether a Toradex SoM is at risk of triggering the Forced Read Only Mode issue that affects some Macronix eMMC (MX52LM04A11XUI) production batches and, if it is the case, repair it.

The potentially affected products are the Apalis iMX6 and Colibri iMX6 with this eMMC IC.

If you received affected modules, the Toradex team will (if not have already) contact you directly informing the serial number of affected modules. If the procedure described here fails for some reason, please contact Toradex for further assistance.


  • Potentially affected Apalis iMX6 or Colibri iMX6 running either CE7 or CE8 systems, with any BSP version
  • USB flash drive or SD card

Instructions to Check and Repair

  1. Download the MMC tool package from Toradex.
  2. Extract the package and copy the contents into the SD Card or USB flash drive.
  3. Plug your USB flash drive or connect the SD card into the device.

After that, the procedure will run fully automated. The MMCTool will first check if a fix is needed, and if so, it will go through a sequence of commands to restore and fix the units.


If you have any software running from \FlashDisk or Software doing Registry or ConfigBlock Saves, you should close it first, as the procedure should have exclusive access to the eMMC.


The procedure takes approximately 10 seconds. Do not interrupt the procedure as this might cause the eMMC device to stop working, bricking your module.

While runnig, the Tool will show the progress on the CommandPrompt, on the Device Screen and on the Debug Serial Output (if enabled). It will also log everything to a file in the \MMCTool\logs subfolder.

The output when successfully completed should look like this:

MMCTool 2.0.0 Started

OS Version: CE 7.0
BSP Version: 1.6
Colibri iMX6 DualLite 512MB IT 1.1b
Serial: 00171101-10962118

Dismounting FlashDisk
Current MMC driver ist not supported
Replacing MMC Driver in windows folder...
Reinitializing eMMC...
Reinitializing Done Successfully(724 ms)
Card Status:0x900

BBR.FreeBlockCnt: 32
FreeBlkCnt_EraseTable: 0
FreeBlkCnt_ValidTable: 0
PWP Risk, Execute patch

Unlocking Device to allow FFU...
Unlock successful
Flashing Patch Firmware...
Firmware File: \usb hd\MMCTool\FW_4G_00_FFU_c2d70f082744d7c8.bin
Firmware Update Successful
Reinitializing eMMC...
Reinitializing Done Successfully(729 ms)
Patch_Process_In_PON Start
Patch_Process_In_PON End
Reinitializing eMMC...
Reinitializing Done Successfully(724 ms)
Flashing Production Firmware...
Firmware File: \usb hd\MMCTool\FW_4G_08_FFU_2cddcdf661396162.bin
Firmware Update Successful
Reinitializing eMMC...
Reinitializing Done Successfully(726 ms)
Patch Completed Successfully
Mounting FlashDisk


Completed in 11479 ms

At this stage, the eMMC has been repaired successfully and you module is ready for use.

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