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Deploy to the Target


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In this section, you will:

  • Pull the generated image from Docker Hub
  • Run the image on the device
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For this Getting Started Guide:

  • Development computer with Windows 10 Pro / Enterprise / Education.
  • Successfully completed the previous lesson from this guide.

Note: Carefully read this module's cover page clicking on "Module 3: Creating my Own Container" on the left menu bar before starting this lesson.

Step 1

On the board, make sure there are no running containers:

docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)

Step 2

Run the image you just uploaded to Docker Hub:

docker run -d -it --privileged -v /var/run/dbus:/var/run/dbus -v /dev:/dev <username>/gs-torizon

This command pulls the image from Docker Hub and runs a new container from it. Since the base image is the Debian ease-of-use container, the same desktop environment from previous lessons starts on the monitor.

Step 3

Open the LXTerminal application, and check that the package we installed in the Dockerfile is available:


  • Customized Docker image

    Customized Docker image


How do I access the container shell from SSH?