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Windows CE Library - Update Library (UpdateLib)


this is a legacy library and thus not supported by Toradex anymore. We recommend that you use the new libraries for all Toradex modules. Please see the Toradex CE Libraries and Code Samples for up-to-date information.


This library manages the programming of Image/Bootloader/Registry in on-board flash.

Current Version


Application Notes

UpdateLib provides full support for Backup and Update on Colibri PXAxxx modules.

UpdateLib currently only provides Update support on Tegra modules.

Library API

Click here for the library API

Other Resources

Windows CE Libraries Overview

Update Tool

Production Programming (Tegra Modules)

Revision History

DateRevChange Notes
29/06/2015V1.10Adjust the default file name when backing up
When flashing a splash screen, configure config block settings "oep" and "dispondelay"
Implement workaround for Kernel bug in Colibri PXAxxx BSP V4.4
30/10/2014V1.8Support new Spansion Flash
Support 1:1 Backup/Restore for Bootloader and image on Tegra modules
15/04/2014V1.7Implement Bootloader Update for T30
11/03/2014V1.5Fixes in clear registry part
Improved error reporting
Modified UDLReboot to prevent system freezes when shutting down the system.
23/09/2013V1.4Change default SDK to Colibri600 / Added support for Wiping the FlashDisk
12/08/2013V1.3.3Fixed issue with ClearRegistry() on Tegra on CE6/7

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