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Set Fail Safe


This tool enables the Fail Safe Boot Feature and can be bought from Toradex (contact The tool only needs to be executed once in order to enable or disable the Fail Safe Boot Feature.

With this tool you can

Set Fail Safe Help

Command Line Parameters

Example: SetFailSafe.exe


Example: SetFailSafe.exe /d

  • unattended mode (this will generate no output at all)

Example: SetFailSafe.exe /u

  • Print a help function on the command line

Example: SetFailSafe.exe /h

Return Values

When you start the SetFailSafe Tool via command line, you can check the return value to verify if the Update was successful. -1 :error 0 :successful


All commands can be combined, though some don't make much sense.


This tool only works with Bootloader 3.6 Beta 1 or later

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