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Almost all the settings of the Colibri module are saved in the registry.

Different Registry Locations

Registry in the Win CE Image

This is the registry which is used if no registry is saved in the flash memory registry section. This registry is included in the Win CE image. If you build your own Win CE image, you can edit this registry in the Platform builder.

Registry in the RAM

This is the registry which you can edit with a registry editor. While booting, Win CE loads a registry in the RAM. If a registry in the flash memory registry section is available, it uses this one. If there is no registry, it uses the standard registry in the Win CE image.

You will lose any changes which you do in this registry after a power cycle. So make sure that you save this registry to the flash if you need the content after a Coldboot.

Registry in the Flash Memory Registry Section

At the beginning, there is no registry in the registry section of the flash memory until you save the registry the first time from the RAM to the Flash Memory. At the next start, the system will load this registry instead of the standard registry in the Win CE image. You can edit the location of this registry in the Flash Memory in the Config Block. See Flash Layout for more information. If you clear this registry, after a cold boot, the system will load the registry in the Win CE image.

Edit the Registry

There are two methods to edit the registry:

  • Local
  • Remote


There is a Registry Editor included in the Colibri Image, under StartMenu->Programs->ColibriTools->Regedit If you use the TRE registry editor, it is also possible to import .reg files.


If you have installed Microsoft Embedded Visual C++ (eVC++) (See Getting Started), you can start the remote Registry editor of the Tools Menu.

NOTE: All changes you make in the registry are only in RAM until you save them manually to FLASH.

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