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The nRESET_IN pin (also RESET_EXT) is used to reset the Colibri module.

Common Specification

  • It has to be asserted for at least 35ms for proper resetting the module.
  • Low Voltage max. 0.4V
  • High Voltage min. 2.3V
  • It is weak Pull-up'd on the Colibri modules. If externally used, use an additional 10k Pull-up.

Also the Voltage monitoring can reset the module if the voltage drops.

Specification for the different modules

Colibri PXA270 with TPS65020

  • Time Low Min. 35ms (Deglitch)
  • High Voltage Min. 1.37V
  • Low Voltage Max. 0.4V

Colibri PXA3xx with MAX8660

  • Time Low Min. 1 uS
  • High Voltage Min. 1.4V
  • Low Voltage Max. 0.4V

Colibri PXA3xx with LP3972

  • Time Low Min. tdb

  • High Voltage Min. 2.3V

  • Low Voltage Max. 0.5V

Colibri T20

  • Time Low Min. 16 uS
  • Time Low Max. 60 mS
  • Low Voltage Max. 0.4V

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