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There is a special Launcher.exe tool that automatically runs any .exe or .lnk file found in an AutoRun folder on each Storage Medium. This can be used to autorun your application. To use this feature, create a folder named "AutoRun" under FlashDisk folder, put your application in it. Now, the application will run at each startup. This feature also works on all removable media. You can create an AutoRun folder on a USB Stick, put in your application and it will be automatically launched every time you insert that USB Stick.


Please check out our AutoRun tutorial video for a step-by-step guide to using this feature.

File Types

The Launcher.exe is able to handle Files in the AutoRun folder with the following extensions:

  • .exe (Executable Files)
  • .lnk (Shortcut Files)
  • .bat (Batch Files) only supported on Tegra BSP V2.0beta4 and later

Batch Files

To launch a .bat (Batch File) on other BSPs create a .lnk (shortcut) file with contents as below:

48#"\windows\cmd.exe" /c "\directory\yourBatch.bat"


  • 48# is is the total length of the shortcut string including quotes, but not including the 3 characters: 48#.
  • For more information about shortcuts in WinCE, check this link: Shortcut

Disabling AutoRun

To disable the AutoRun feature, see how to disable the launcher.


You can also use the registry to automatically start programs. For more information, check this MSDN article.

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