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Version: Torizon OS 6.x.y

Partner Demo Container - TotalCross


TotalCross is an easy-to-use Open Source SDK, aimed at fast design of beautiful Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for multiple platforms such as embedded, IoT, mobile, and desktop.

TotalCross version 6 added support for Embedded Linux (ARMv7 and ARMv8) and support for TorizonCore.

TotalCross Demo for Torizon​

To demonstrate its features, TotalCross has created a Demo container for TorizonCore. Some of the demo's highlights include:

  • GUI implementation using the graphic API
  • Screen transitions
  • Animations
  • Essential elements (e.g., Edit boxes, Labels, etc...)

Supported Modules​

The following Computer on Modules are currently supported:

  • Apalis iMX8QM
  • Colibri iMX6DL
  • Colibri iMX7D
  • Verdin iMX8M Mini

Supported Displays​

Intended Use​

This partner demo container is meant for the evaluation of the technology. It is suitable for development, but not for production.

How to Get Started​

This section provides instructions for you to get started with TotalCross quickly.

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  • Toradex SoM with Torizon installed. For instructions about how to install Torizon in your board, refer to Toradex Quickstart Guide
  • (helpful) Basic understanding of Docker and docker run command options
  • One of the supported displays. Optionally, you can use an HDMI screen connected to the Toradex SoM board.

Connect to the board terminal by establishing an SSH connection.

Run a Weston container​

(Optional) pull the torizon/weston container image:

# docker pull torizon/weston:$CT_TAG_WESTON

Start the weston compositor:

# docker run -d --rm --name=weston --net=host --cap-add CAP_SYS_TTY_CONFIG \
-v /dev:/dev -v /tmp:/tmp -v /run/udev/:/run/udev/ \
--device-cgroup-rule='c 4:* rmw' --device-cgroup-rule='c 13:* rmw' \
--device-cgroup-rule='c 226:* rmw' \
torizon/weston:$CT_TAG_WESTON --developer --tty=/dev/tty7

To learn more about the device_cgroup_rules section of the docker-compose file above, please refer to the Hardware Access through Control Group Rules (cgroup) section of the Torizon Best Practices Guide

Run a TotalCross Demo container​

Bring up the totalcross/torizon-demo container:

# docker run --rm -it --name=totalcross \
-v /tmp:/tmp \
-v /dev/dri:/dev/dri --device-cgroup-rule='c 226:* rmw' \

Start the demo application:

## ./

Next Steps​

See the TotalCross container repository. For more information:

Display and Touchscreen Configuration​

For the displays recommended by Toradex, go to Setting up Displays with Torizon page.

Release Notes​

Support for embedded Linux is available since TotalCross version 6.0.2. We recommend using the latest version available. See the TotalCross Changelog for more information.

These release notes below are strictly related to the test of the TotalCross container in Toradex hardware.


  • The first release tested with Toradex Hardware.

Licensing Information​

TotalCross is licensed under GNU LGPL-2.1-only.

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