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Torizon Platform Issue Tracker


The following table contains known issues, scheduled bug fixes, and feature improvements for the Torizon Platform project. The tickets are split into two major states:

  • Submitted (open): new features and bug fixes for Torizon Platform versions that have not yet been released. They may be scheduled for a specific release version; not planned; or in our backlog. All of them have one of the following states:
    • Known Issue: a bug or unexpected behavior that has been reported and pending a fix. Once fixed, the status will transition to Fixed.
    • Feature Request: a new feature that may be added to a future release. Once released, the status will transition to New Feature.
  • Released (closed): new features and bug fixes for BSP versions that have already been released. All of them have one of the following states:
    • Fixed: a bug that has been fixed and released.
    • New Feature: something that didn't exist before and was added to a news release.

Any schedules are not guaranteed but reflect the current planning. The planning could be shifted due to priority changes.
Issues that are scheduled for a specific version will be integrated into the mentioned version of the BSP.

We will update this table continuously in order to always provide the latest state of our development plan.

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Issue #StatusSubjectModuleSeverity

OTA-611Known IssueOSTree packages are listed as 0.0 Bytes in size in the UILow

Description: OSTree packages are listed as 0.0 Bytes in size in the UI

Workaround: Currently one can just ignore this

OTA-556Known IssueOSTree Images are not correctly downloading from treehubLow

Description: Aktualizr is seeing 404s instead of downloading the ostree objects.

OTA-530Known IssueUpdating docker-compose.yml fails (unable to download)Critical

Description: Updating docker-compose.yml fails (unable to download target)

OTA-527Known IssueUpdates are not applied to devicesNot applicableCritical

Description: Aktualizr logs `snapshot metadata hash verification failed` or `targets metadata hash verification failed` Some debugging has revealed these errors might not be related. Aktualizr often logs "verification failed", as a reason to go off and retrieve the latest from the server. The Installation report for updates (viewable when running `aktualizr --loglevel 0`) shows the installation result of an update as failing and the reason for failure is "VERIFICATION_FAILED"

OTA-482Feature RequestAdd a "Refresh" button on most pagesLow

Description: Add a "Refresh" button on Devices Panel

Workaround: Refresh all of OTA dashboard

OTA-409Feature RequestFrontend to support displaying toradex delegated targets (toradex published targets)All supported modulesLow

Description: Support displaying Toradex delegated targets

OTA-102Feature RequestTorizon OTA API Documentation

Description: The Torizon OTA API allows, for instance, CI/CD integration.