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Power Manager registry settings


Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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You can find the registry settings for the suspend mode in:


It is not required to restart the system after changes made in these registry keys. You can use IOCTL_HAL_RELOADPMPARAMS to reload the settings.
If no setting is present, the default value is taken. Just add the values to the registry to change them.

"NoSleepOnPowerFail"=dword:1 ;Added option to disable the Automatic entry in DeepSleep 
	                            ;on Voltage Fault detection. (This was causing troubles in 
	                            ;some cases where current consumption was high). Defualt = 0;
"SDRAMAPD"=dword:1           ;SDRAM Autopower down
	                            ;1(default)  Enabled in CPU idle
	                            ;2 always enabled
	                            ;3 always off
"Idle"=dword:1               ;CPU Idle mode
	                            ;0 CPU will never enter Idle mode
	                            ;1 (default) CPU will enter Idle mode
"IdlePatch"=dword:0          ;CPU Idle patch selection
	                            ;0 CPU enters Idlemode immediately (default for PXA270 and PXA3xx when not running @ 806MHz or 403MHz)
	                            ;1 Method one (default for PXA3xx @ 806MHz or 403MHz) 
	                            ;              Change freq. to 104, idle, then back to 806 (requires full freq change)
	                            ;2 Method two  Change freq. to 403, idle, then back to 806 (faster as it can be done with turbo freq change but not confirmed by Marvell)