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Ordering Information and Product Identification (PID, PID4 and PID8)


Article updated at 06 Jul 2021
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Ordering Information

Product identification

Product numbers for the modules have fields that identify the specific part. It identifies the Product, Major & Minor PCB Version, and Assembly option.

  • Part Number Identification on the Part

    Part Number Identification on the Part

SKU - Product Identification (PID8) Format

For Toradex products, the SKU is an 8-digit number (PID8) according to the following format:

  • Product Numbering Scheme

    Product Numbering Scheme

This table lists the possible values for each field in the product number (not all combinations are valid):

Field Description
PPPP 4-digit number (PID4) indicating the Product Family and variant
VV 2-digit number indicating the Product Version
AA 2-digit number indicating the Assembly Option

See the complete list of available combinations on the Revision History table of the corresponding product page.


Product number (PID8): 00291100:

0029: Apalis iMX6D 512MB

11: Version V1.1

00: Assembly option A

Product Change Notification (PCN)

The ordering information relates to the Product Change Notification (PCN): whenever a new product is released to replace an older version, the new product will have an increased value of Product Version and/or Assembly Option.

Learn more on the article Product Change Notifications.