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Migrate from Iris V1.1 to V2.0


Article updated at 04 Jun 2020
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This is a brief article that helps customers to migrate from the Iris Carrier Board V1.1 to V2.0, especially focusing on software aspects.


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The most outstanding changes that may impact customers are on the LVDS circuit and connector.

LVDS Power down Signal

On the Iris V2.0 the RWRDN# (Power down) signal is connected to the SODIMM99 by default, whereas on V1.1 it was connected to 3.3V. You have some options:

  • Permanently connect it to 3.3 volts by soldering a 0Ohm resistor R98.
  • Control the GPIO from your user-space application.
  • Set this pin in the device tree (Vybrid) or kernel source (Tegra) so the converter is always on.

&gpio7 {
	lvds_tx_on {
		gpios = <11 0>; /* SODIMM 99 */

LVDS Converter Configuration

You may need to configure the LVDS converter to make it work properly for your display resolution.

Instructions on how to configure the LVDS converter in our BSP will be available soon. If you have urgency, you can:

  • Go through the section 3.7.4 LVDS Connector (X7) of the Iris datasheet and the page 12 (LVDS) of the schematics PDF.
  • Contact our support.