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How to Install and Use WEC2013 SDK for VS2008

Article updated at 17 Mar 2020
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This article describe the setup for application development on WEC2013 SDK with Visual Studio 2008.


  1. Download SDK from here.
  2. Unzip "Toradex_CE8_SDK.msi"
  3. On the command line, extract the contents of the .msi file: msiexec /a <PathToMSIFile> /qb TARGETDIR=<DirectoryToExtractTo>
  4. Copy <DirectoryToExtractTo>\Toradex_CE800\ to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows CE Tools\Toradex_CE800\
  5. In the target directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows CE Tools\Toradex_CE800\Sdk\Lib\ARMV7\retail\ copy msvcrt.lib and paste as corelibc.lib
  6. Edit the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\vcpackages\WCE.VCPlatform.config
    6.1 Add an additional Platform
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <Platform Name="VCProjectWCEPlatform.dll"
       <Directories Include="C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows CE Tools\Toradex_CE800\Sdk\inc;
                             C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows CE Tools\Toradex_CE800\Sdk\atlmfc\include;
                             C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows CE Tools\Toradex_CE800\Sdk\crt\include;"
                    Library="C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows CE Tools\Toradex_CE800\Sdk\lib\ARMV7\retail;
                             C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows CE Tools\Toradex_CE800\Sdk\atlmfc\lib\ARM;
                             C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows CE Tools\Toradex_CE800\Sdk\crt\lib\ARM;"
                    Path="C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows CE Tools\Toradex_CE800\Sdk\bin\i386\Arm;
                          C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows CE Tools\Toradex_CE800\Sdk\bin\i386;$(PATH);"
                    Source="C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows CE Tools\Toradex_CE800\Sdk\atlmfc\src\atl\;
                            C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows CE Tools\Toradex_CE800\Sdk\atlmfc\src\mfc\;
                            C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows CE Tools\Toradex_CE800\Sdk\crt\src\"/>
           <PlatformName>Toradex_CE800 (ARMV7)</PlatformName>
               <Macro Name="CEVER"
               <Macro Name="ARCHFAM"
               <Macro Name="_ARCHFAM_"
               <Macro Name="INSTRUCTIONSET"
               <Macro Name="BINDIR"
               <Macro Name="SDK_DEFS"
    6.2 If you have chosen a different path to copy the files to, then adjust the XML Tags to the correct paths (if it is not correct: <Directories Include= Library= Path= Source= />)

Note :
- Library linking order should be same as shown above.
- If application fails to build, please try Check Entries for all the Toradex_CE800 SDK entries. It will be in Visual studio 2008 --> tools --> options --> Projects and Solutions --> VC++ Directories.

Modify a VS2008 Project File

  1. Open The project file "*.vcproj" in a text editor

  2. In <VisualStudioProject><Platforms> add a new XML tag <VisualStudioProject><Platforms> <Platform Name="Toradex_CE800 (ARMV7)" />

  3. Copy two Configurations <VisualStudioProject><Platforms><Configurations> <Configuration Name="Debug|Toradex_CE500"> ... </Configuration> and <VisualStudioProject><Platforms><Configurations> <Configuration Name="Release|Toradex_CE500"> ... </Configuration>
  4. Change the name of the copied configurations to: <Configuration Name="Debug|Toradex_CE800 (ARMV7)"> and <Configuration Name="Release|Toradex_CE800 (ARMV7">

  5. In each of the two copied configurations, adjust the "subsystem" parameter: <VisualStudioProject><Platforms><Configurations><Configuration Name="Debug|Toradex_CE800 (ARMV7)"> <Tool Name="VCLinkerTool" AdditionalOptions="/subsystem:$(CESubsystem) /MACHINE:THUMB" /> to <VisualStudioProject><Platforms><Configurations><Configuration Name="Debug|Toradex_CE800 (ARMV7)"> <Tool Name="VCLinkerTool" AdditionalOptions="/subsystem:WINDOWSCE,8.00" />

  6. In each of the two copied configurations, remove the text: RandomizedBaseAddress="1" <VisualStudioProject><Platforms><Configurations><Configuration Name="Debug|Toradex_CE800 (ARMV7"> <Tool Name="VCLinkerTool" RandomizedBaseAddress="1"
  7. In each of the two copied configurations, additionally define _CRT_NON_CONFORMING_SWPRINTFS <VisualStudioProject><Platforms><Configurations><Configuration Name="Debug|Toradex_CE800 (ARMV7"> <Tool Name="VCCLCompilerTool" PreprocessorDefinitions="_CRT_NON_CONFORMING_SWPRINTFS"