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WinCE Board Support Package

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Article updated at 13 Jul 2021
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The Toradex Board Support Package for Windows CE is one of the most advanced BSPs available on the market. Aside from the standard Windows CE functionality, it includes a large number of additional drivers as well as optimized versions of standard drivers.

The Toradex bootloader and BSP were designed to be easily configurable. This relieves the application developer from the burden of creating a customized operating system image. Instead, the necessary adaptations can be made by registry settings and adding files to the on-board flash file system.

Toradex even provides the workspace for Microsoft's Platform Builder, which enables the customer to build exactly the same Windows CE image as the standard Colibri image.

The binary for our Colibri modules are available for download for free.

Before building your own Windows CE image, check if it is really required as our standard is very flexible and you can add a lot of drivers, components and programs without building your own image.

BSP Source Code

We do not provide the source code of our BSP. If you think you need source code, please contact us.