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Ordering Information and Product Identification (PID, PID4 and PID8)

Ordering Information

Product Number (PID8)

The Product Number (PID8) is the unique identifier of a product and consists of eight digits. It identifies the Product Configuration (PID4), the Major Version, the Minor Version, and the Assembly Variant. The Product Number (PID8) is equivalent to the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU).

Part Number Identification on the Part

Product Number (PID8) Format

The format of the 8-digits Product Number (PID8) is the following:

Product Numbering Scheme

The below table describes the structure of the Product Number (PID8):

PPPP4-digits number, indicating the Product Configuration (PID4) that describes the key properties of the product (e.g. Product Group, RAM capacity, etc.)
VV2-digits number, indicating the Major and Minor Version (in that order)
AA2-digits number, indicating the Assembly Variant

See the complete list of available combinations on the Revision History table of the corresponding product page.


Product number (PID8): 00291100:

0029: Apalis iMX6D 512MB
11: Major Version 1, Minor Version 1, Version V1.1 in short
00: Assembly Variant A

Product Change Notification (PCN)

The ordering information relates to the Product Change Notification (PCN): whenever a new product is released to replace an older version, the new product will have an increased value of Product Version and/or Assembly Option.

Learn more on the article Product Change Notifications.

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